Budapest Reading Seminar on the Foundations of Physics

Reading seminar

The aim of the seminar is to bring together researchers and students with a background in physics, mathematics or philosophy of science and to create a platform to discuss some foundational questions of modern physics. For each session, we read a paper on some foundational issues and discuss it. The seminars last 90 minutes and will be held roughly in every second month.

Venue: Institute of Philosophy, Research Center for the Humanities, Budapest, 1097 Tóth Kálmán u. 4, Floor 7, Seminar room (B.7.16)
Upcoming session: April 14, 2023, Friday, 16.00
Paper 1: Bose et al.: Spin Entanglement Witness for Quantum Gravity link
Paper 2: Marletto, Verdal: Gravitationally Induced
Funny paper: Page, Geilker: Indirect Evidence for Quantum Gravity link
Short intro by Lajos Diósi

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Bozsonyi Károly Diósi Lajos
E. Szabó László Egri Győző
Etesi Gábor Geszti Tamás
Gömöri Márton Gurin Péter
Gyenis Balázs Hofer-Szabó Gábor
Inotai Balázs Bence   Kormos Márton
László András Lencsés Máté
Sándor Márk Solymos Adrián
Szalay Szilárd Szegedi Péter
Szívós Mihály Takács Gábor
Van Péter Vecsernyés Péter
Zimborás Zoltán

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